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Humboldt penguin
Humboldt penguin can be found here:


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Whipsnade Zoo
Dunstable, Bedfordshire
United Kingdom

T: 01582 872171
W: Whipsnade Zoo web page

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Humboldt penguin

Humboldt penguins live on the coasts of Chile and Peru and feed on fish and squid.

Penguins are well adapted to life in the water. Their bodies are streamlined and their stiff wings propel (push) them through the water. Their bones are solid to reduce buoyancy and help them to dive - if they had hollow bones like a flying bird they would float on the surface. Penguins have excellent eyesight both in and out of the water which helps them to catch fish.

Did you know?
Can you see the bare patches of skin and take a picture?
Humboldt penguins live in quite warm places and have a pink featherless part next to their beak which helps get rid of excess heat.
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