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Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard can be found here:


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National Zoo and Aquarium
999 Lady Denman Drive
Canberra, ACT

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Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopard has been recorded at levels of up to 6000 metres (above sea level) in snowfields and on glaciers. In winter they will follow their migrating prey to lower altitudes, where they are still perfectly camouflaged against the snow covered rocky terrain. The Snow Leopard has evolved perfectly to survive in the Himalayas. Their broad paws act as snow-shoes and assist when trudging through the bitterly cold snow. Their powerful legs, combined with a tail almost as long as their body, enables the Snow Leopard to leap nearly 6 metres in a single bound.
Did you know?
The Snow Leopard is able to kill prey three times its own body weight
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Snow Leopard live in the mountains and rugged habitat of the Himalayas
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Where is it located?
Near the Aquarium and Monkey Island
wild sheep, gazelle, musk deer, hares, wild boars and even mice
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