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Sergeant's mace, Borough of Holt, 1606
Sergeant's mace, Borough of Holt, 1606 can be found here:


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Holt Castle
Off Castle Garden
Wrexham LL13 9AX
United Kingdom

T: 01978 297 460
W: Holt Castle web page

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Sergeant's mace, Borough of Holt, 1606

This four hundred year old mace once belonged to the Corporation of the former Borough of Holt. It was placed in front of the mayor at meetings to symbolise the authority of the Crown, which had been devolved to the borough.

Maces were originally weapons that between the 12th -14th centuries evolved into ceremonial symbols.The 1606 mace is much closer to original design of a soldier's mace compared to the 1709 mace.

This mace has suffered considerable wear and tear during its existence. Three mayors and one local farmer have felt the need to repair the mace and record their responsibility for these repairs on the mace itself: Thomas Spanne (1668), Robert Pigot (1726), O. Dod (1808) and Edward Bellis (1935).

Did you know?
Mayor Speede was a relation of John Speed, the map maker who originally came from Fardon, the village on the other side of the river from Holt. Speed published the first ever set of county maps of England and Wales in his atlas 'The Theatre of the Empire of Britaine' in 1610-11. The atlas contained a series of town plans which were a real innovation in map-making.
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This is the older surviving mace associated with the Borough of Holt. Mr D. Speede, the mayor in 1606 inscribed his name on the base of the mace and the coat of arms on the head of the mace are those of James I, king of England (1603-25).
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Collections Centre, Wrexham County Borough Museum
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