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Holt Castle, drawing, 1620
Holt Castle, drawing, 1620 can be found here:


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Holt Castle
Off Castle Garden
Wrexham LL13 9AX
United Kingdom

T: 01978 297 460
W: Holt Castle web page

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Holt Castle, drawing, 1620

This drawing of Holt Castle in 1620 is not as accurate as the 1563 drawing but it provides much useful information about the castle. The drawing reveals that the inside windows of the castle were glazed - definitely a luxury in early 17th century Wales.

At the bottom of the drawing, you can see the outer gatehouse which controlled access to the outer bailey. The land to the left of the track leading to the castle was once used as a kitchen garden for the castle. The townsfolk also had the right to drive their cattle through the castle grounds down to the river.

On the western side of the track, it was a custom by 1620 for the townsfolk to use this piece of ground for games and sports including bullbaiting.

All these rights and customs were bad news for Charles as they meant he could not rent out the land for money.

Did you know?
The idea of a 'stepping stone' barbican tower guarding the entrance to the castle was an idea first developed for crusader castles in the Holy Land (Israel), the Levant (Lebanon and Syria) and Spain. John de Warenne was an experienced campaigner and when building this castle he knew what would make it difficult to attack.
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This drawing of Holt Castle in 1620 is taken from Norden\
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British Library, London
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