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No. 1 Cage
No. 1 Cage can be found here:


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Bersham Heritage Centre & Ironworks
Wrexham LL14 4HT
United Kingdom

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No. 1 Cage

This cage was used in the smaller No.1 shaft at Bersham Colliery. The aim of the No.1 shaft was to ensure an additional exit as required under mine safety laws and to allow air to be drawn through the workings. The shaft allowed the manager to move men and materials without interrupting the bringing of coal to the surface in the main No.2 shaft.
Did you know?
The underground workings of Bersham Colliery stretch as far as Erddig Hall, now a National Trust property. When you drive along the A5152 road into Wrexham from the A483 Chester-Oswestry road, below you lies another 'road', the one the miners dug to reach the coal seams.
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Bersham Open Air Gallery
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