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George Keats, by Joseph Severn, 1817
George Keats, by Joseph Severn, 1817 can be found here:


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Keats House
Keats Grove, Hampstead
London NW3 2RR
United Kingdom

T: 020 7332 3868
W: Keats House web page

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George Keats, by Joseph Severn, 1817

A print of a portrait of George Keats (1797-1841). George was John Keats's younger brother. This image is from a miniature painted by Keats's friend Joseph Severn.
Did you know?
The original miniature is in the Keats-Shelley House, Rome. Visit them at www.keats-shelley-house.org
A print of a portrait of George Keats (1797-1841). George was John Keats\
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The Brawne Room, Keats House
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