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London Canal Museum
12-13 New Wharf Road King's Cross
London N1 9RT
United Kingdom

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Notice the cast-iron frame in the floor at the museum's entrance. This marks the site of the weighbridge that was used to measure the weight of loads brought in and out of the ice depot.

The weighbridge itself had an iron platform linked by a series of levers to a weighing machine in the office (which is now the museum's staff office), but it has been taken away and the space filled up with concrete. Each ice delivery cart was weighed before it went out on its rounds and weighed again when it returned, so that the amount of ice that the driver had sold could be calculated. The ice company wanted to be sure that no ice had been stolen or sold fraudulently.

Did you know?
A "weighbridge" is called a truck scale in United States English. Weighbridges are used today and Avery’s still make them!
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This weighbridge was used to measure the weight of loads carried on the horse-drawn ice carts to and from the building.
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Entrance of London Canal Museum
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