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Common Brown Lemur
Common Brown Lemur can be found here:


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Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park
Blair Drummond
By Stirling FK9 4UR
United Kingdom

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Common Brown Lemur

Scientific name: Eulemur fulvus

They normally live in groups of 5 to 12 including members of both sexes and juveniles. Brown lemurs feed on fruit, leaves, sap, flowers, bark, soil, insects, centipedes and millipedes. Before eating millipedes, brown lemurs salivate on them and roll them in their hands for a few minutes, possibly because some species are poisonous.

Gestation for brown lemurs is 125 days. During the summer or early autumn (shortly before the beginning of the rainy season), the females birth their young, usually two offspring. The young clasp firmly to the fur of their mother, then ride on her back when they are older. After about five months they are weaned, and they are fully mature at about 18 months of age.

Did you know?
The common brown lemur occupies a variety of forest types, including lowland rainforests, montane rainforests, moist evergreen forests and dry deciduous forests. They spend about 95% of their time in upper layers of the forest and less than 2% of their time on the ground.
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The brown lemurs we have in the park are free roaming in Lemur Land with the ring-tailed lemurs.
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