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Silhouetted man face in the shadows of Manchester
Silhouetted man face in the shadows of Manchester can be found here:


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Silhouetted man face in the shadows of Manchester

Despite it being illegal for street or graffiti artists to paint the wall of public buildings, it is a feature seen widely in parts of the city. Graffiti is used as a means of self-expression in public. Some pieces of street art are used as a means of expressing social or personal comments.
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This is an amazing piece of art in it's own right and the style is quite unusual for street art. There's more than one copy of this image around the city so maybe it is stencilled. How do you think it has been created? Spray-paint?
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A face viewed from beneath is emerging through a hazy mist of spray-paint on a grey concrete surface. The male face is made up of with layers of black, blue and white spray-paint.
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Oak Street
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