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African lion
African lion can be found here:


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Whipsnade Zoo
Dunstable, Bedfordshire
United Kingdom

T: 01582 872171
W: Whipsnade Zoo web page

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African lion

Lions are social cats and live together in a group called a pride. The head of the pride is a male with a big, dark mane of hair around his head and down his chest. Males maintain their territory by urine marking (that's weeing to leave a signal), roaring and patrolling.

An African lion's roar can be heard five miles away. They also snarl, groan and grunt. Females also roar, but the male's voice is louder and deeper.

The lion's tongue is very strong and rough, which helps with eating and grooming. The surface is covered with tiny barbs rough enough to scrape meat from bones and to remove parasites such as ticks when grooming.

When lions meet they greet each other by rubbing heads together to show they mean no harm.

Did you know?
When you have watched the lions for a while, can you photograph or record some of their communication?
Lions communicate by sound, scent and touch: they roar, grunt, leave wee-marks as signals and rub or lick each other to show they mean no harm.
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