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Anything can be an object: a thousand-year-old coin in a museum, a painting in an art gallery, a plant in a botanical garden, an animal in a zoo, a building in a city, even a person.

Browse online collections on OOKL and discover for yourself. Find objects in museums, galleries, historic houses, and many more.

This Highland ring brooch dates from the 17th century. It is made of brass. The brooch is ornamented with engraved...
Anemone rivularis
RHS Wisley
Anemone are herbaceous perennials with fibrous, rhizomatous or tuberous rootstocks, palmately lobed leaves and...
Przewalski's horse
Whipsnade Zoo
The Przewalski's (shuv-als-keys) horse is a great success story for conservation. For some time it was classified as...
A portrait of a...
Torre Abbey
A portrait of a Noblewoman, in red and blue robes.
Bodkin Case, c.1775-1799
Bowes Museum
Bodkin Case French, c.1775-99 Composition and tortoiseshell Length: 11.9 cm
Garrya elliptica...
RHS Wisley
Garrya are vigorous evergreen dioecious shrubs with simple leathery leaves and small greenish flowers in pendent...
Animal Adoptions
Colchester Zoo
Colchester Zoo’s adoption schemes provide vital funds for the upkeep of animal enclosures, animal food and...
Cattle on Dartmoor
Torre Abbey
William Widgery. (1826 - 1893) Born in Uppercot, North Molton, Devon, he was a landscape, and animal painter who...
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There is no certainty that this thermometer has anything...
The dean motorcycle company was situated in Haymarket...
The images of the information on my ancestor's ships from...
What a lovely brooch.
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Abies koreana 'Silberlocke'
RHS Wisley
Abies are evergreen conifers, often very tall, with whorled branches bearing flattened, linear leaves, often whitish beneath, and on the upper branches, large cones...
Commuting by Cable
Old Treasury Building
Travel by cable tram through the streets of Melbourne between 1885 and 1940. This documentary presents rare archival footage detailing the story of the largest cable...
Horse Ramp (in canals)
London Canal Museum
The ramps in the canals were once used to save horses after they fell into the river. Animal safety was important, or at least it was important to retain the animals...
Canal Gate
London Canal Museum
These gates were put in place to stop the flow of the river. It was necessary to do this in the instance of bombs falling on the Canal and ceasing the flow of debris....
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