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Conservator's tools
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Wrexham County Borough Museum
Regent Street
Wrexham LL11 1RB
United Kingdom

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Conservator's tools

The conservator, Ian McIntyre, used the male and female punches to emboss the various bead-like designs into the sheet gold. He carefully matched the missing pieces and their decoration so they could be mounted alongside the original metalwork.

The original punches would have been made from horn, bone or antler, all readily available materials. The manufacture of the punches was a task that took a considerable length of time, trial and adjustment.

Did you know?
The Mold Cape will be appearing in ‘Capes, Beads and Burials: The Mold Cape – A New Perspective, a special exhibition produced in collaboration with Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales and the British Museum.

Keep logging into Wrexham Past and OOKL as all these entries will be updated for the exhibition opening.

These tools were used during the 2002 reconstruction and restoration of the Mold Cape. The tools and the press, while being made from modern materials, are based on technologies used during the Early Bronze Age (1900-1600 BC)
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