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Loving Cup, Borough of Holt
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Holt Castle
Off Castle Garden
Wrexham LL13 9AX
United Kingdom

T: 01978 297 460
W: Holt Castle web page

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Loving Cup, Borough of Holt

Traditionally a loving cup is a large drinking vessel, usually with two or more handles, that is passed round at banquets or meetings so everyone can share a drink.

This cup replaced a larger brass loving cup which was used when enrolling new burgesses in the borough of Holt. Before the 1832 Reform Act, being a burgess gave you the right to vote in general elections. It was common practice to enrol new burgesses before an election to help swing the vote in a particular candidate's favour.

Townsend Mainwaring gave this cup to the mayor as a token of his gratitude for the support the burgesses of Holt had given him at previous elections. He would know how they voted because there was no secret ballot until 1872. Mainwaring was MP for the Denbighshire Boroughs 1841-47 and 1857-68. The cup belongs to the Holt Town Trust.

Did you know?
The 1867 Reform Act extended the vote to any householder in a borough who paid his own rates, whether a home owner or a tenant. The rules were stricter outside boroughs in country areas. If you were a university graduate, a professional or had more than £50 savings, you were entitled to more than one vote! However, if you were a woman you could not vote at all until the school board elections in the 1870s.
This decorative silver cup was a gift to John Edwards, the master at Holt Free School and the mayor of Holt, from Townsend Mainwaring, the former local MP. The inscription says Mainwaring presented the cup on Christmas Day, 1868.
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Where is it located?
The Collections Centre, Wrexham County Borough Museum
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