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International Garden
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The State Botanical Garden of Georgia
2450 S. Milledge Avenue
Athens, GA
United States

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International Garden

Clois­ter gar­dens, the major repos­i­to­ries of West­ern knowl­edge about plants and gar­den­ing dur­ing The Mid­dle Ages, were the fore­run­ner of Botanical gar­dens and were first asso­ci­ated with med­i­cal schools. The Herb Garden and Physic Garden por­tray mankind’s early depen­dence on plants for medici­nal, culi­nary and cer­e­mo­nial pur­poses. The Native Amer­i­can Plants sec­tion, adjunct to the Physic Garden, includes plants used by Native Amer­i­cans of the South­east.

The Age of Explo­ra­tion chron­i­cles the rash of global explo­ra­tion that led to the dis­cov­ery of new plant spe­cies and their sub­se­quent world­wide dis­tri­bu­tion. Dur­ing the global race to dis­cover and con­quer other lands, many plants were tran­s­ported back and forth between the Old and New Worlds, an activ­ity that acutely influ­enced diets, his­tory, cul­ture, art and reli­gion through­out the world. The Mediter­ranean and Mid­dle East, Span­ish Amer­ica, Amer­i­can South and China and Asia sec­tions explore this theme.

The final theme of the Inter­na­tio­nal Garden, The Age of Conser­va­tion, con­veys a major role of Botanical gar­dens today—to doc­u­ment, study, conserve and rein­tro­duce spe­cies before they become ext­inct. Ext­inc­tion is occur­ring world­wide at an alarm­ing rate. Habi­tat pro­tec­tion, bio­di­ver­sity and related themes are explored in the Bog Garden and the Threat­ened and Endan­gered Plants sec­tion.

Did you know?
The Inter­na­tio­nal Garden has some­thing for every­one.Favorites in the Garden are varied, but nonethe­less everyone enjoys being able to see the sub­tle day-to-day changes the most.
The Inter­na­tio­nal Garden is a cross­roads of his­tory, cul­ture, hor­ti­cul­ture and botany. It is a Garden in which you can learn about the geo­graphic ori­gins of plants and the plant hun­ters who sought them. It recounts how the dis­cov­ery and cul­ti­va­tion of key plants have had a pro­found influ­ence on the diets, cul­tures and for­tunes of peo­ple, nations and civ­i­l­iza­tions.
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Where is it located?
State Botanical Garden of Georgia, behind the Visitor Center & Conservatory
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