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Ice Cream Tricycle
Ice Cream Tricycle can be found here:


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London Canal Museum
12-13 New Wharf Road King's Cross
London N1 9RT
United Kingdom

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Ice Cream Tricycle

This ice cream tricycle was made by John Warrick and Sons in Reading, Berkshire, and dates from the 1920s. The ice cream was held in the steel tube carrier, which was mounted over the front two wheels for stability. The Walls company was famous for its carrier trikes and its slogam "Stop me and buy one" although our example is not in that company's blue livery. It has solid tyres and enthusiasts who have experimented with similar trikes report that riding one is extremely hard work!

The manufacturing of ice cream bicycles was drastically reduced during World War II and many were requisitioned for military purposes.

Did you know?
Urban delivery tricycles were not just for ice cream. Recycling, post, and people were all transported using these bikes.

A three-wheeled vehicle such as this would be referred to as a "triporteur" in France, a "motocarro" in Italy, a "dreirad" in Germany, and a "Moto furgone" in Spain and South America.

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This ice cream bicycle was used for food vending in urban areas with high foot traffic.
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Ground Floor, London Canal Museum
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Reading, Berkshire
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