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Are there any independent evaluations?
There have been several independent reviews of OOKL by leading academics. You can read more about them here. Back to top
What age groups does OOKL support?
The service is designed for students aged 8 and above. Back to top
If we use OOKL at a venue do we have to pay?
That depends. If you use the OOKL mobile solution at a participating cultural organisation they may charge you for the on-site experience - please check directly with them. There is no fee for you or your students to use the OOKL website before, during or after the trip. Back to top
How does OOKL connect to our VLE?
Individual objects (photos, sounds and text files) can be exported from OOKL to a VLE. On-line stories can be exported directly into powerpoint and then saved into a VLE. Back to top
What if students create inappropriate content?
The service has various safety features to ensure that teachers can easily remove any inappropriate content that may have been created by a student. No content can leave the on-line classroom and be associated with OOKL or a venue without vetting by a teacher. Back to top
Can parents see what their children have created?
Yes! The students can log on at home and show their parents what they have created. Back to top
Can a student use their own device
Yes, the learning app can be downloaded to any iPod touch, iPad and iPhone device by searching for OOKL SV in the app store. Note that the app requires an internet connection - either 3G or WiFi - to work. Students will also need a user name and password and they will need to be in/near the participating cultural venue that you have booked the session. Back to top

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