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Case Studies and Quotes
A number of academics have studied teachers and students using OOKL's MOBILE LEARNING PLATFORM across a wide range of organisations. Please note that OOKL is referred to as 'Myartspace' in some of the studies. Myartspace was renamed after the original trials.

- Dr Walker contributes a chapter to a book called Digital Technologies and the Museum Experience in which he reviews OOKL at Kew Gardens and found that it "served to focus students and keep them engaged in learning".

- Prof. Mike Sharples completed a year long study into the impact of OOKL at three places - an art gallery, war museum and a social history museum. According to Mike “OOKL is the best mobile learning service.” Thanks Mike – that is high praise!
Read An Evaluation of Myartspace - A mobile learning service for School Museum Trips

- Myartspace/OOKL is examined in an article entitled Learning Bridges: a role for mobile technologies in education in the Journal of Educational Technology.

- Watch a video by Prof. Stephen Heppell of students at Portsmouth High School using OOKL.

- Watch a video of OOKL's mobile learning platform in action at the D-Day Museum.

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