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About us

We started OOKL because we're naturally curious. Two questions were top of mind.

1. Is there something more fun and interesting to do with my family than go shopping?

We've pulled together the most comprehensive list of places to visit where shopping isn't the main focus (OK there might be a gift shop). Even if you're a culture vulture, we guarantee that there's one or two places you haven't heard of or your money back.

2. What is this?

How many times have you walked by a sculpture, building, zoo animal, painting and wanted to know more, but no information was provided. Now there's a way. Places can write stories about points of interest (objects), create interesting trails to follow and simple games to play that help you to learn more and have fun.

If you have any ideas how we can improve the service then please get in touch. And If you know a place that other people would like to visit which isn't on OOKL, then please let us know and we'll add it.

Are you wondering what OOKL stands for? It's a anagram of LOOK. We can hear you trying to pronounce it.

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